Taxation is one of the major consideration for businesses and individuals. An appropriate tax planning supports business objectives of growth, maturity and sustainability    


In Canada, it is crucial to file taxes on time and avoid missing deadlines; otherwise, you can face penalties. At My CFO Portal, we provide professional tax services through professional tax consultants and accountants. So, don’t miss any vital deadline, pay penalties, or forget to claim the tax credit and shortchange yourself.


With our flexible and reliable tax services in Mississauga and GTA, there is no reason to worry about your personal and business tax returns. At MY CFO PORTAL, we take care of your taxes so that you can concentrate on the things which you do best. It is easy to book an appointment with our tax consultants.

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We provide Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxation Services and Source CFOs to your business.


Payroll Taxes: If you own a business and have employees working in your business, you may need pay and collect CPP and EI. We make sure you understand the process, and we will help you in filing these taxes for you.

GST/HST Return: If you are not a small supplier and you make taxable sales, lease, or other supplies in Canada, you must register for GST/HST and file returns on time to avoid penalties. We will help you with this.

T2 Corporation Income Tax Return: If you have a corporation registered, you need file tax return yearly regardless of how much money you make. This process can be very complicated even for a person who understands the Canadian tax. We at MY CFO PORTAL can help you navigate through the Tax process, so you concentrate on your business.

Self Employed Tax Return: if you are self-employed, you must file personal tax, but you can take advantage of some of the tax credits Canadian government has to offer for being self-employed, we will help you with this.

We can also help you with:

  • T1 tax return for individual
  • SR&ED tax credit
  • Sold house
  • Business rental income
  • Meal and long-distance transportation
  • Carry back losses to pervious year
  • ROE
  • CRA audit
  • Much more